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A personal line of credit between $500 – $3,500

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Unlike traditional online loans (such as payday and installment loans), with a CreditFresh Line of Credit, you aren’t required to borrow the entire amount you are approved for all at once. Access the money you need anytime, up to your available credit.

The product is easy to understand, with one simple charge for each billing cycle based on the amount of money you have withdrawn and clear repayment terms. No cash advance fees, late fees, early payment fees, or annual fees. To learn more about this product, visit click here.

How it Works

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Step 2
Get Approved1

Step 3
Request a Draw
A CreditFresh Line of Credit by CBW Bank provides you with the financial flexibility to have a safety net for unexpected expenses that may come your way. This process is simple, quick, and completely transparent, with clear terms and no unexpected or hidden charges.
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Why Choose a CreditFresh Line of Credit?

There When You Need It

Access your available credit whenever you need it.

Payment Activity Will Be Reported To A Credit Bureau

You may be able to build your credit history and impact your credit score, as your payment activity will be reported to TransUnion, one of the major credit bureaus2.

Transparent, Easy-To-Understand Product

One simple charge for each billing cycle, with clear repayment terms.